Update – August 2013:

As is clear from the front page, I’m now working in a recruitment role with my US NGO partner Preemptive Love Coalition and an Iraqi-led NGO called Living Light International, aiming to recruit a small team of doctors and nurses to make an initial visit to Basra to carry out some training and treatment in the area of paediatric oncology while getting a better understanding of the needs of two children’s hospitals there.


Update – March 2013:

4Basra’s strategy is now to raise awareness of the work of the Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Project (AMLP) by reaching out to potential supporters, while helping Basra Children’s Cancer Hospital and Basra Maternity and Children’s Hospital develop relationships with potential strategic partners who can assist them with capacity building.

Spin-off ideas:

Seek ideas for a social enterprise or business in Iraq that could benefit AMLP or the two hospitals in Basra

Aim to bring together a group of Irish, British and Iraqi artists to explore opportunities to create new cultural or artistic works together

Aim to develop an opportunity in the area of artistic tourism in the marshlands to the south of Basra

Aim to invite an Iraqi delegation to visit the annual BT Young Scientists’ Exhibition (and awards) in Ireland, and help Iraq develop a similar annual event.

Aim to help Iraq find new and innovative ways to develop a relationship with its diaspora (emigrants) through Iraqi art and culture, possibly by emulating a similar venture that is under way in Ireland.

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