Designing a Logo: A Brief Insight

As readers will notice, the 4Basra logo is now on the site.

I have to apologise for the lack of recent updates, as I had a cold for several days and have also been busy with writing work. I hope the experience and new contacts made in the course of this will be useful – it might well be essential – to the 4Basra project.

If you ever need a logo designed for your website, organisation or business, I thoroughly recommend my design volunteer, who is a genius!

I attempted a design right at the beginning of the process, and I think three other volunteers made valiant attempts, for which I am also thankful.

If I can resize them, I”ll try to put one or two of the other attempts on here.

It proves the old adage: if at first you don”t succeed, try, try again.

The website now needs a little bit more work – initially links need adding and some of the posts and other content needs editing and reposting.

And that is on top of the long list of other tasks ahead of me. Doing anything worthwhile takes time, but I also have the pressing date for the next consignment of medicine and other supplies – February or March 2007 – in mind.

My patience and occasional disorganisation – combined with the need to spend time on other work – do not make this easy, and so I need to recruit one or two more volunteers who might share this workload.



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