Merry Christmas…4Basra has raised €1,600

Merry Christmas from 4Basra and thank you so much to everyone who has helped and supported us this year.

In the past six weeks or so, with the help of Nicholas Wood, Dr Chris Burns-Cox, the guys at Media Lens, and thanks to donations from a number of doctors in the UK and Ireland and a number of my own contacts, we have raised €1,600. This brings the total raised in 2007 to €2,700.

Although this is a tiny fraction of the total amount of money needed to buy medicines and supplies every year for the hospital (about €250,000), every little is very much appreciated and badly needed.

We hope to add to this in the New Year with further efforts.

Doctors in Basra still face danger every day

If you saw BBC”s Panorama report from Basra earlier this month, or read recent reports in The Guardian or , you”ll know that doctors in Basra still face incredibly .

In the past six months, 48 women have been killed in the city and doctors are kidnapped for ransoms of up to US$20,000 at a time.

This is still a city living in fear, where the future is uncertain and doctors and nurses face unspeakable dangers and unimaginable risks every day.

Spare a thought for them during this time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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