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Ashoka Ireland Interview

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

This afternoon I had a telephone interview with Paul O’Hara of Ashoka Ireland.

Although I have not made the shortlist for the Ashoka Ireland fellowship, it was a pleasure to describe the short history of the 4Basra project and enlighten Paul as to the direction I hope it will take. 

The interview was by no means a waste of time; quite the opposite in fact. Paul was kind enough to suggest how I might find a mentor.

What are the qualities needed in a suitable mentor?

This should be someone entrepreneurial who has startup experience – which doesn’t necessarily have to be in the non-profit sector.

They need to have encountered similar issues and problems to those I will face.

And the mentoring process shouldn’t be time consuming for either one of us. Paul, for example mentioned that he arranged to meet his mentor once a month for breakfast.

Paul also suggested some organisations I might be able to approach for assistance. These include: Irish Aid, Dóchas and Boardmatch Ireland.

When I get a moment I will be able to research these organisations further and think about approaching them.

The Ashoka Ireland Apprentice?

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Whilst working on some other voluntary work for environmental group Voice and trying to organise the broadband and a phone extension in what will be my office, I also call Paul O’Hara of Ashoka Ireland, to ask about the criteria for the Social Entrepreneurship fellowship advertised on Activelink.

The selection process they have for applicants sounds quite rigorous: something along the lines of The Apprentice, but with the emphasis obviously on social entrepreneurship.