Basra on the brink…

We raised €825 raised as a result of my article in The Tablet – sincere thanks to everyone for their kind support and generous donations.

All monies will be put towards the next consignment of badly needed medicines and supplies, which we will endeavour to send as soon as it is safe to do so.

In light of various media reports of ongoing fighting in Basra in recent weeks, the most recent report from the hospital we’re supporting is worrying to say the least.

There were curfews in Basra and no one was allowed to leave their homes late last week.

The hospital had a severe shortage of food and water and medicines, but no one there was allowed to venture outside either.

There were no ambulances or paramedics on duty in the city to collect the injured, who were lying in the streets and crying.

Heavy fighting was continuing and Basra airport and the streets around the city were all closed off.

More news as soon as I have it.

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