Basra needs your help

The situation in Iraq has been worsening over the past few months.

A colleague of one of the doctors working in the children’s hospital in Basra was recently found dead in a rubbish dump, her body cut into pieces.

One important ward of the chilren’s hospital will close if my colleague in Vienna cannot help, and I hope to make a contribution to her fundraising efforts.

The next medical consignment is due to be shipped in October or November, so I’d like to try to raise some funds to contribute to that.

Oxfam recently published a report on the humanitarian situation in Iraq and I plan to contact them along with a number other people who might be able to help.

I’ve neglected to do any more on this due to pressure of other work and the Irish elections, which meant some of the people I was planning to contact were very busy.  

The initial fundraising target will be €5,000, but I hope to raise the bar as we go along.

I’ll organise things and contact people when I have the time, but other than that, it’ll be emails, calls and drinks if necessary to see who I can cajole into helping.

If you’ve got an idea for a quiz, an event, a whip-round or some other event, I’ll help when and where I can.

I hope some of you will get in touch.

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